29 April 2011


Couponing to the Max!

I had recently gotten into the swing of couponing. Not to say that I never used a coupon before, I just never really took the time to do it consistently, until now. I do understand that couponing has gotten a bad rap. Couponers are sometimes seen as hoarders. Sometimes to get a really good deal, you'll have to buy more (or in bulk) However, you won't have to go back for the item for a good while (unless you have like 8 kids). If you're interested in saving money (especially on things you have to buy all the time), then I would encourage you to look into clipping coupons.

I registered for The Grocery Game after a friend of mine from high school posted pics on Facebook of her savings. I was amazed. I knew that great discounts could be had if one took the time to prepare and plan, but since I've never really known anybody to do it...I guess I never really knew, did I?

Simply put, to get the most out of your coupons, shop the sales and use your coupons during that time for even more savings. Teri's List (AKA The Grocery Game) will compile everything for you; even telling you where to find the coupons. It makes it very easy when you can sit down and plan. I have yet to post my savings. I've been on 4 trips so far and did alright. Nothing extreme like $1,000 worth for only $100, but I did manage to save $100 on one trip to Bloom, rather than spend $300. Since all of my food is paid for with foodstamps, it's nice to be able to get the most out of what I have.

I would encourage you to give TGG a try. You get 3 weeks to try it out. It only costs $10 every 8 weeks for the first store and $5 every 8 weeks for each store thereafter. Currently, I get Giant, CVS, and Bloom (which includes Food Lion). My first trip, I stocked up on food and toiletries at CVS. Would have spent $80 but spent only $50.

I have added a button to The Krazy Coupon Lady's page. I stumbled across it while looking for craft ideas, believe it or not. There are some great tips to using coupons and even some krazy savings to take advantage of. I'll have to add a button for The Grocery Game as well.

If you have any ideas to help coupon organizing easier, let me know. Currently, I have a tabbed folder in my file cabinet for each Sunday's coupons. I've been lurking around the World Wide Web, looking for ways to cut down on clipping time, while keeping everything neat. The Krazy Coupon Lady has some ideas for making coupon binders.