18 April 2011

Working on it...

I've been in my home for a year and a month now and I'm finally getting back into the "I want to redecorate" mode. I've been looking for all kinds of ideas that would not only be cheap, but would work with what I have. I've always wanted to paint my home, but never really had the opportunity. Every place I've lived was rented. Even now, I could paint...but I would have to paint it back the way it was when I moved in. I've explored many options as far as wall coverings go. Fabric wallpaper, vinyl decals, paint, etc.

I first thought about using fabric and starch to add a non-permanent texture to the walls. It's pretty simple and all you have to do is peel the fabric when you're ready to take it down. Of course, you'd have to wipe down the walls, but it does kinda beat painting them white again.

I thought vinyl decals would be cool. They would take less time to install and uninstall and usually come with markings to make sure you don't put them up crooked. However, they can get pretty expensive when you have to consider how many you need to buy for whatever effect you're going for. Also, once you take them down, you may not be able to reuse them.

I thought about painting...it would certainly be cheaper, but the overall labor would be more than I'm willing to do (especially knowing I'd have to paint the walls white again). So...that was out. I also thought about maybe just painting a border around either the top or the middle of the wall. That wouldn't be as bad to have to cover up later...and paint really isn't that expensive.

I recently found a book called "Paper Magic." It really inspired me to think more about the things I could do.

I decided on a couple of things to cheaply add some color to my walls. First, I've found an image that I will use as a wall border, using my good old-fashioned printer.

Those puppies you see on top of my laptop will be going up on the walls. In search for the perfect border, I Googled several free-use images and stumbled across a way to create what is known as a block poster. There is a website where you can upload your own photo and it will print out a poster in whatever size you want, based on regular sheets of 8.5" x 11". Pretty cool huh? You can put that inkjet to use more often that just term papers or directions. There is even freeware you can download. I stumbled across The BIG Picture and have yet to use it. I'm still trying to figure out which photo I will use for my wall.

That blank space behind my desk is where I would want it to go. I've measured the area to see how big a picture I would want to go there. The only thing I have left to do (besides pick a picture) is figure out how I will put the paper up.