08 May 2011

Babies Make Mommies

Today is Mother's Day! Why do we get so excited about this day? Perhaps finally Mom can put up her feet and let someone else do everything? Or maybe everyone gets the chance to thank the women who chose life? Could it be that finally we can voice our appreciation for mothers everywhere? Do mothers need this kind of attention? Do they want it? Would they rather you just picked your socks off the floor or that you didn't go out of the house without brushing your teeth? Whatever your reason for celebrating Mother's Day, there's a good chance that Mom would love to know that you love her ^_^.

I changed my status message today to "What makes a #1 mom? Her #1 children!"

I don't know about you, but I can't seem to be proud of being a mommy without being proud of my children. They are the reasons I am a mommy. Whether natural-born or adopted, you can't be a mommy without the babies. If there was no one to care for, then no one would do the caring...right? I don't get worked up about the favor I did my children by carrying them for 9 months and giving birth with no epidural. That's just wrong. Instead, I like to reflect on my appreciation for my little ones and for God who graciously placed them in my life.

Now onto some mommy savings!

I wish I had posted this sooner, but Restaurant.com has a promo code that will give you 80% off any order for restaurant gift certificates. Just type in MOM in the promo code box. This offer does expire today (that's why I wish I posted this sooner), but it's worth it. You can search for restaurants in your area (or in the area of the person you want to send it to) and pick from what's available. I've gotten about $150 worth in gift certs for only $13. And I can't wait to treat myself to Phillips Seafood (I've never been there before).

A couple of things I found from The Krazy Coupon Lady's page:

Today is also the last day for Paper Coterie coupon code OPENHOUSE. The deal was extended from May 6 to today and will take $40 off. You pay shipping.

If you have a Facebook page, you can got to Swiffer's page, like them and get back on May 10 to enter to win a Swiffer 360 Duster Starter Kit. I know right?!

You can even Google "mother's day deals" and see what comes up!