23 June 2011

Things to do for those around you...

Today was a big day for me. I went on my first sales call! It wasn't just a sales call...it was one that I made the first contact and worked to arrange a meeting time. I went to Six Flags today. There was a lovely lady (by the name of Darlene Blevins) who handles group sales and events. She showed me and my general manager a little bit of the park and we talked about things we could offer our hotel guests. We would be able to sell tickets as a part of a package for our hotel guests at a pretty good rate. She talked about upcoming ideas she wanted to implement to give local kids something to do. That got me thinking.

Perhaps the same could be done for low-income kids. If offered a lower rate, I'm sure some low-income families wouldn't mind paying for park tickets. But why stop there? Perhaps there are things for the kids to do in the area that could either be cheap or free. Our housing manager for our housing authority (Mr. Peet) has some good money-raising ideas that the kids could also be involved with to help pay for costs. It would sure beat sitting around every day during the summer.

Even if not all days are filled with activities, there should be some things here and there available for them to look forward to doing. Also giving them a part in raising money for their activities should not only give them a sense of responsibility, but help them to know what it feels like to reap the benefits of their hard work.

If you have any ideas (namely those that don't cost too much or are free), please let me know! A few ideas that I'm working with:
* Trip to D.C.
* Swimming at a local pool
* Picnics
* Trips to the zoo