09 July 2011

Back to reality!

Well folks, we really enjoyed our vacation time. I got to spend an entire week with my babies before spending an extended weekend with them in Ocean City. I think I will make O.C., MD our annual destination (provided I book the room sooner) every summer. We always have a good time.

Now it's back to the grind! I'm back at work this weekend. I will be working the next two full weeks and from there it will be weekends only at the hotel. Obviously, I won't be making the same money, but I will no longer require $400 worth of gas every month, or $500 for childcare. Those were the only things my check covered anyway, so I guess I'm not really losing out, am I? I will be entering school this fall, so not working full time will give way to study. I'm absolutely determined to not remain on welfare. I know I'm qualified to do many jobs, but because I don't possess a degree, it's been a hard road. I hope that the completion of my bachelor's degree will open up at least a few more doors for me.

Ryan's daycare provider has been preparing to move her daycare and offer more to her children. It's been a long road, but we shall see this coming week, what will be. She has prepared a space for Spanish curriculum, which I would be teaching 3 days a week. Very exciting!

Lots of stuff going on. I miss just lazying about in the pool. But it's good to take a break for a bit, so that you can be refreshed to get back to it!

Back to savings!

Be sure to pick up a Greenbagtag from CVS. You can earn $1 in Extra Care Bucks every 4th visit you use it. If you are not an Extra Care card carrier, I urge you to sign up right away. It's free, and when you buy certain products you can earn even more Extra Care Bucks that you can use (like cash) on future visits. Don't throw those receipts out because your ECBs will be on there.

From Sunday 7/10/11 to Saturday 7/16/11 Staples has a pretty good back-to-school sale going on. In my area, you can find things like a pack of pens or a pack of erasers for a penny! Check the weekly ad in your area to see if you can take advantage! I'm certainly going to stop by to get a few things.

Restaurant.com has 80% off gift certificate sale going on. Use the promo code SUN between Sunday 7/10/11 to Wednesday 7/13/11 to receive this special savings.

I'll always be checking for more savings, so keep checking back!