13 August 2011

...The Unknown pt 2...

Well, yesterday's hearing could've only had one outcome out of a few possibilities. The judge allowed for my two girls to go to Florida with their dad. I cannot express the level of heartbreak right now. Being positive in this situation is hard work and very exhausting. Since we have to have a hearing for modification for custody and visitation, this perhaps may not be the end.

I'm afraid that now they are able to move down there, perhaps the future judge will not want to move them back. Right now, as always, I have to keep trusting in God. None of us have control over our lives. Even the crummy things that come up are all part of His plan. Everything will be okay in the end. This is why when I pray, of course I ask for the things that I want, but I also ask that even if God doesn't grant me those desires, that I can be satisfied with what He chooses to do.

I hope that you can pray for this as well...and try not to be too disappointed when not everything works out the way you think it should. Just take my divorce for example. I was a very shy, low self-esteem kind of person. After getting divorced, I've been through a series of events that have led to me being a much stronger person. I used to be terrified of my ex-husband, now I can look him in the eye and tell him how I feel about something, without shaking in fear. That's just one thing, but it's a huge one!

Don't lose hope! You might be in a bad situation now, but it could always be worse! Remember that you don't have control of your life, God does. If you trust in Him, he will give you peace in whatever state you are in. Right now, I'm heading out for some comfort food at my local 24-hour CVS. I'm using extracare bucks and coupons! Even in sad times, always save that money!