15 October 2011

Keep It Moving!

I've been in and out of piles and piles of things to do.  I've been crunched and crushed and stretched and spread, but I cannot take a break from saving money!  I get into moments where I end up spending more than intended...but we'll talk about that another time.

Recently, I received an elliptical through Freecycle.  The only thing wrong with it was the resistance couldn't be adjusted (and I had to figure out if I had room for it).  I figured out that I could make room for it and I fixed the resistance.  I am now aiming to workout daily for 30 minutes or more.  I would like to get back down to size.  I moved my Xbox upstairs for a few days, so I could watch my shows and workout at the same time.  I like that.  Keeps me from focusing too much on the exercise and I won't be taking away precious study time with TV.

Coming up, I've got a court hearing on Thursday regarding child custody.  It's been a long road and of course, it's not over yet. There are so many feelings that well up regarding the whole situation.  Mainly, I don't want to lose my children.  I don't believe that will happen, but I've been dealing with someone(s) who have made every effort to do just that to me.  Currently, things seem different in how the issue is approached, but nonetheless, they want the same outcome as before.  I don't see any drastic changes being made as far as the all the children being given over to me or to him.  I think the most likely thing would be that the judge will rule for things to stay as they are (as if it ain't broke).  I don't think I can emotionally prepare myself for whatever possibilities could come up, but I continue to follow the encouragement and wisdom from my loved ones.  To pray is the biggest and best advice I'm given.  That will help to calm my anxieties and give me peace.  It also helps me to stop trying to control the situation, because really I have no control.  The hardest thing for me to think (and I think it more often than I should) is did God have me have children only to take them away and have someone else raise them?!  What can I do?!  KEEP IT MOVING!  I have to be able to roll with the punches (even if they knock me out for a few days).

What else have I been doing?  Well, I've been fixing other things.  It's what I do!  I got a cross-cut shredder from the thrift store for $10.  It's pretty nice.  The only problem is that it will run, but after a few seconds one of the shafts will stop rotating.  Turns out, a metal gear has lost two teeth.  So I need to find a company that will have the gear I need.  I might have to get it made. I would also like to get back into the PS2 since the reset button also opens the disc tray and the eject button does nothing.

I am one more step to getting hired!  I applied for a job with Montgomery County to be a traffic enforcement field technician.  I've been waiting patiently and watching my application status updates.  I applied Aug 19 and the same day my status was changed from "active application" to "rater review."  Just this past Wednesday, the status was changed to "qualified after review."  I'm excited!  I hope they find me the best one out of all the applications!  I would then have a new full-time job that's close to home.  I know I shouldn't get too excited, because anything could happen.  However, it's nice to know that I applied for a job that I feel I'm able to do and the employer feels the same way.  I can't tell you how many jobs I've applied for, knowing full-well I could get the job done right, but the employer didn't feel the same way.

I have cancelled my account with The Grocery Game :(.  Just to save $12.50 a month.  I do plan on going back to it, but my food stamp amount has changed drastically and it plays a big part in what I have from my paycheck to cover everything.  I've cut a few other things to help save money.  There isn't anymore cutting I can do at this point, since everything else is utilities or insurance.  You can still save money without relying totally on The Grocery Game!  TGG just makes it so much easier to get organized!  Remember to check the sales papers for the stores in your area for the best deals.  Check for coupons on those items for an even bigger discount.  TGG would do this for you (even telling you which newspaper has which coupon), but you can manage without it, if you had to.  There are discount stores like Aldi or Bottom Dollar that have much cheaper groceries than larger chains.  Don't hesitate to check them out (and take your coupons with you!)

I've got quite a bit on my plate right now, but I'm still going.  I'll put up some pics of my "projects" later.  I'm at work right now and do not have any on me...