16 January 2012

I'm baaack! And happy New Year!

Well, I told you I would be back.  It has been a little more than a "week-ish,"  but I'm back, nonetheless.

I had a great time with the kiddos.  We opened some presents, we walked to the park...We got to meet up with my friend Patrick and visited Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks.  We didn't never wanna leave...

We've got lots of pics up on Picasaweb. So feel free to check them out.  I'm supposed to be going down between February and March.  Hopefully, the weather will be better.  I was not expecting 40 & 50 degree weather in Florida.  The weather warmed up as Mr. Ryan and I got on the plan to come back home...So not fair.  I didn't pack for the right weather.  Thankfully, we walked just about everywhere, so that kept our body temps up.

In my last post, I left off talking about ways to save money.  Looks like a lot of money can be saved by eliminated most of your household disposables.  I haven't bought anymore paper towels and have been using towels for just about everything.  It's not really a huge sacrifice for me as it gives me one less thing to purchase. On the air freshener issue...yeah.... No matter what you decide, you'll be continually buying refills or something.  I think plug-ins are probably the best way to continually freshen your home, without having to think about it (too much).  There are no batteries to replace, only the fragrance refill.  I have a couple of Glade Plugins (and I can't remember where I got them...Freecycle or parents?).  I used one (after my Sense and Sprays ran out) and it lasted for a couple of months, without having to be changed.  I think I will get more.  They go on sale often and there are sometimes coupons available.

Since my dryer decided it would be a good idea to display an error message, I have no dryer.  I would have no problems hanging my clothes to dry...if it weren't below freezing outside.  The error I got was a temperature sensor error.  This could be a $30 fix or a $130 fix, depending on what exactly I need to replace.  Since I won't know until I crack it open, I have decided to go on and hang my laundry.  The winter weather is very dry and since I keep the heat on inside, the air inside is very dry as well.  Hanging up wet laundry would help to humidify the house...which is something we need.

I'm not a lotion person, unless I really need it...and I have been REALLY needing it.

This luggage was made from my skin (during the last week of December alone).  
Courtesy of millionlooks.com

I think a lot about ways to save money, but not so much about how to make money.  I've been getting back in touch with my creative side lately and I think I have a few small money makers I can get into.  I've started crocheting again and can make some kind of hat...wrist warmers...some kind of flower...scarves, and blankets.  I'm thinking about crocheting some accessories and actually using my Etsy shop (no link for you!).  For Christmas, I received a KitchenAid stand mixer (YAY!), so I'm eager to get back to cheesecake baking as well.  There are a few websites where I take surveys for points and stuff and where I do simple tasks for change.  This stuff adds up if I can keep myself properly organized.  

School starts up for me soon, so I will have less time to play and create, but that's okay.  I will survive.  

When I come back, I'll be talking about El Día de Amor  ;)  and my issues with making schedules!