09 February 2012

Loveless? or Loveful?

Well, it's been February for a little over a week now...How does it feel? Does it feel lovely?  No? Yes?  Starting in January, you may have noticed that everyone, everywhere have been gearing up for The Day of Love.

Valentine's Day is a special day where people all over the world feel pretty lonely because they may not have a honey to come home to or curl up with.  I've never really gotten all excited about the day, honestly.  To me, love goes beyond dating or marriage relationships.  We should have love for everyone around us.  That includes our families, friends, or anyone you pass by during your busy day.  We should remember that we are called to love our neighbor.  We should also be striving to extend that love on a daily (not yearly) basis.

I believe that I'm a pretty loving person, especially when it comes to helping to meet the needs of others.  I must  also say there are exactly two people that I have a hard time loving...Perhaps, I'm due for a challenge.  Perhaps you're due for a challenge?!  Today is the 9th of February.  There are exactly 5 days left until Valentine's Day.  Starting today...Each day, find a new way to show love to someone that you may be having trouble showing love to.  You don't necessarily have to seek out and interact with that person (or those people).  Showing love could be as simple as not spreading rumors about that person.  Resolving to change the way you interact with them.

It's a good idea to write these ideas down at the beginning of each day (any time is good, though).  On Valentine's Day, take a look at your list.  I will tell you what to do next...after Valentine's Day.

While I won't add to the numerous recipes for heart-shaped pancakes or chocolate-dipped strawberries, I will address food love.  How many times do you look at a full pantry and can't figure out what to eat?  I do it all the time.  Then, do you get yourself ready for a short trip to the store? (or order out?) and end up spending way too much?  How much food ends up being wasted at the end of the month?

This weekend I will be gearing up to try and use the food that has been sitting in my cabinets.  I have been inspired by Balancing Beauty and Bedlam's pantry challenge.  I have lots of food (mostly cans) that just sit there with each grocery trip I make.  Sometimes, I intend to do something with it...then I get a craving, or I don't feel like cooking...and you know the rest.  Being a good steward goes beyond tithing.  We should take care to not be wasteful with even our food.

The only items that I will allow myself to purchase will be milk, cheese, eggs, bread, and the like.   These are the kinds of thing that are normally kept on hand.  They would be used in recipes that I'll be working on.  Since I will be working toward using up what I have for the week (Mon - Fri), I will be trying to stretch the meat I have on hand and may have to cook some vegetarian meals.  I'm okay with that.  Tomorrow and Saturday, I will run through everything I have and see what I can come up with.  I imagine that maybe the first few days will be pretty easy...Each day, I will post my recipe for that day.  The next day, I will post pics of the finished product (if I don't eat it first!)

My cabinet is full of things that I just won't use!  I have a lot of cans (mostly from the food pantry) that just sit there, looking at me.  I don't usually go out and buy canned foods (unless I have an immediate need), so they just sit...