15 February 2012

Where's the love?!

Well...it's 1am the day AFTER Valentines Day. I was supposed to have a list for you and I was supposed to give you the next step for yours. I was also supposed to have some dinner ideas for my very own pantry challenge.
...i got the challenge part down out of all that...

I'm unable to sleep right now and I'm posting from my phone. My computer had been having some problems with video and after 3 minutes of Skype with my girls, the video died altogether. Apparently Nvidia's newest update has been giving people problems...
I realize that I really don't have the right kinds of items to make complete meals with while avoiding the grocery store.  I'm going to have to get pretty creative. I've got a LOT of beans!!

We had corn flake chicken thighs with salad and leftover mac & cheese. For dessert, mango peach cobbler with pink ice cream.

I will post my crazy easy recipes another time.