21 August 2013

Baby Steps

Good evening!  There has been a lot going on.  I've been so busy trying to figure things out, I forgot to blog along the way!

Well, it's only been a couple of weeks since my last post.  ;)

I was at a crossroads!  Do I take the Hertz job?  Do I keep rolling with Sykes?  I decided to stick with Sykes.  I weighed the pros and cons of both and decided that right now, I'm better off with the at-home job.  I started my training last week and I'm actually pretty excited.

Yesterday, though....I got an email from the United States Postal Service for a job interview.  I'm not knocking how some places do their interviewing, but why not check with the person before you make a decision for them?  I know I was unemployed when I applied, but you cannot assume that any time you pick is a good time for someone.  I called them and let them know that I couldn't commit to that interview date and time and that anytime on a Monday would work best for me.  I have yet to hear from them....

Maybe it is a sign?  I am super stoked about working from home.  I also love customer service.  I like the range of hours I'll be working (day shift!).  I'm grateful for the advancement opportunities.  My only concern is for my potential schedule...missing church on Sundays.  I will trade any day of the week.  We were told not to worry too much about the schedule until we get there...so baby steps.

Which reminds me...I tend to put the cart before the horse.  To live 5 years ahead of now.  I feel that things should be light years ahead, but I'm moving at a slow pace.  Baby steps.

I want my entire house reorganized and redecorated right now.  But I can only do one room at a time.  Complete one project at a time.  Baby steps.

Have you felt like you are not progressing?  I've been feeling so much like that lately.  I have to remind myself that it takes many years for a Redwood to change from a short sapling to a tree giant.  You didn't get to be who you are now overnight, did you?  If you did, I need you to tell me your secret...

08 August 2013

It's been over a year since my last post.  That post was about an upcoming job interview...well I didn't want that job.  It was for a financial firm that was all about the pyramid scheme.  So I refused. 

I was offered a position as General Manager at my hotel (after 4 years of working there).  That was a wonderful opportunity that I wasn't sure I was ready for.  After 11 months, they were sure that I wasn't a good fit.  It was a bittersweet moment.  The moment I realized that I was jobless was the same moment I realized I would not have to worry about anxiety attacks.  Yeah, I USED to get them...

March 2013: I was on my butt looking for a new job.  April 2013: I started with a temp agency.  July 2013: I ended with the temp agency.  My project ended.  I was sad.  But here I am window-shopping at the job market.  That job looks nice...

I have two options placed before me:
* Hertz Branch Manager Training Program
* Sykes Home Customer Service Specialist (at home job)

I'm working out the pros and cons of each and trying to decide what would be best in the long run.  I could use a lot little bit of help.  Ultimately, I want a job (or residual income ;)) that would allow for church attendance, allow for reasonable family time, help me to get out of debt, and make sure I won't need to rely on government assistance.

For further detalles (that's "details" in Spanish), contact me directly.  You may be able to help me!


We are nearing the end of the summer.  I will miss it so.  I will especially miss my kiddos.  We had a great time.  We went swimming, the girls went to Police Adventure Camp, we watched tons of movies, played tons of video games, told lots of jokes, and did more than our fair share of running around barefoot.  My favorite part of it all was just being with them.  Take a look at our 2013 Summer photo album.

I have to go...I'm still a very busy lady!  But you will hear from me again soon!  Not like a year from now, sooner than that!