04 November 2014

The Gratitude Challenge

I was nominated by my sister-in-law, Kathy, on September 9th.  I finally remembered that I was committed to do this!

Over 30 days later, today I will start my 21-day challenge!

I'm looking to add some lifelong habits to my life.  I want to make a conscious change in my perspective.  I've been feeling like I don't have much to be happy or thankful for.  I know this is a straight up lie, because my God is God and He rules over my life.  Because of Him, I've made it through so much.

I think this challenging my gratitude will help me to focus more on the blessings that come through storms, tears, and pain.  I know that I'm being refined through the hardships, but I forget.  I keep forgetting that I am never forsaken or forgotten.  That everything works for the greater good.  I know the darkness of night comes before the morning light.  But I'm forgetful.  I'm just as bad as the apostles (who walked with Jesus, yet still struggled with unbelief at times) or worse sometimes.

I will also be starting the 4-week Before Amen prayer challenge (I'm waiting for my e-book to arrive in my email as I speak!).  There are several things I can see going horribly wrong in my life right now in my walk with Jesus.  I need to pray more. What kind of relationship can I say I have with God if I don't talk to Him daily?

So, in my efforts to saturate myself in His Word and communicate more with Him:

* Chronological Bible in a year reading plan: I've never read the entire Bible.  I should do this at least a few times in my life, right?  I'm about halfway through it now.
* 4-week Before Amen prayer challenge: To jump-start my prayer life and build my communication to God.  I can be awkward communicating with people, I should not be awkward communicating with God.
* The Gratitude Challenge: 21 days to focus on what's good, in spite of what's bad.
* 30 Days of Adoration: This will actually be done in the future with my children.  It's a free printable devotional.  I will take a look at it myself before I go at it with my babies.

I intend to get started here with these things and grow...

No matter how busy life gets.  However crazy it seems, I must make the time to devote to God.