27 February 2015

Eye of the Beholder

I just realized how much I like beautiful handwriting.  There are few things that I like to just sit back and admire.  Handwriting is one of them.  I can't explain it.  I don't know where it comes from, but I remember learning to write.  I remember practicing to keep my writing neat and legible.  I remember some years later trying different types of handwritings.  I worked diligently to come up with beautiful characters to call my own.  I've changed my signature a couple times in my life.  I've actually helped people to create their autographs.  I invented my own alphabet.

Over time, I have learned that writing is becoming a lost art.  It does sadden me that hand writing is becoming obsolete.  Even still, there is a level of creative beauty that comes with the digital type. So many different font sets that mimic handwriting and calligraphy. It's about how you look at it, right?

What about life, in general?  How do we see it?  Some of us see it as precious.  Others see it as a kind of purgatory.  And still, there are other views on the purpose and meaning of life.

It boils down to the beholder.  You can choose to see the beauty in even ordinary things.  Or you can choose to overlook it and only see the sorrow.

What kind of eye do you have?  Or...what kind of eye would you like to have?  Would you be willing to work hard to change your perspective?