13 May 2015

Moving On

I made it to Florida last week!  My good friend Heidi and her awesome son Andrew drove all the way down here to help me move in to my new house.  Also my friend Patrick came up to help move everything inside the house.

I have quite a bit cut out for me.  As of today, I'm mostly unpacked.  The last little bit of things are kinda hanging around.  I just want to be finished unpacking!  But it has been a little over a week, so I'm trying to cut myself some slack (I'm mostly moved in).  All that's left is for me to get a job and get my license and registration changed to Florida.

The job thing hasn't been too much of a stress on me until today.  I've been applying like crazy online to numerous jobs.  There are a lot of administrative jobs in the area (where I know I will do well).  Today, I took the second part of my test for the Postal Service and I had a phone interview with another company.

I don't know about you, but I hate having to show how amazing I am.  Not that I don't think I'm a great person, it's just that I know that I'm not the best.  I'm okay with that.  I don't like the dog and pony show that must go on in order to find a job.  Many people enjoy the chase and the opportunity to shine, but not me.  It absolutely terrifies me. Check my employment history, ask me about it, call my old bosses.  You know as well as I do that I want to work for you because you'll be giving me a PAYCHECK so I can pay my bills.  I can only hope to like your company, as one can never really know until they start doing the job, right?

Well, I do understand that it takes quite a bit for employers to be as sure as they can before hiring someone. I'm not fantastic, but I will work.  And I will work diligently and thoroughly.  I don't have a whole lot of education after high school, but I'm a quick learner; something I don't know will not be that way for too long.

Okay...I know that whatever my new job will be will happen as God intends.  Look at everything else in my life up until now.  Moving to Florida has been completely unfathomable until now.  I'm here.  I'm not as close to the kiddos as I want to be, but I'm here.  I'm running out of money, but I'm here!  The next thing that comes will be right on time, just the way I need it to be. Just the way we all need it to be.

Time to move on to the next adventure ('cause really, you don't know what's coming up next until you get there and you have to take a journey to get there)!