14 July 2015

Come What May, or June, or July...

In the fantastical world of Mo, we experience a myriad of situations and emotions.  These situations range from low-stress to "please, get me out of here!"  Thankfully, I haven't reached the point of wanting to get away.  These last couple of months have been busy. I spent a good portion of May unpacking and getting the house set up.

During the end of May and beginning of June I experienced a series of "noes" as I searched for employment.  I was so certain that I would be able to find a job (even working in retail or fast food).  Well, Florida goes by a different book.  Office administration jobs in Maryland are more difficult to secure in Florida.  There are more people competing for these jobs and the wages are not at all comparable. What one would make in an office setting down here, one would make in fast food up there.  One retail job I came across that paid more than what I was making in Maryland was Hobby Lobby.  According to their website, their full-time hourly positions start around $15 (I believe that is nationwide).

I gave up looking for employment (for a little while) and drove up to Maryland with the kiddos for the wedding (which happened on my birthday) in the middle of June.  We had a lovely wedding.  Was a great display of love.  The church had every detail sorted out.  Everyone was so eager to contribute.  I had no expectations (other than get married, hear the Word, eat food). I also didn't realize exactly how many details needed attention for planning a wedding. I don't think I could ever thank everyone enough (let alone repay) for what they have done for me over the years and for our wedding celebration.  I'm so glad we had a ceremony.  It was well worth it.  I'll blog about that one another time, though...

Fast forward to now.  We are in the middle of July.  When Lu came down after the wedding, he already had a job waiting for him.  He got to start working a week and a half after the wedding.  Now, I just need a job! I applied to many more places.  I finally got some positive responses!  Tomorrow is an interview for a temp agency of day laborers, and on August 5 I have a meeting for a school bus driving position.  Yay!

I have to say, I've been pretty stressed out about our financial situation.  I know...I should know better than to stress over that kind of thing.  God has always provided and I have never been without physical and spiritual needs.  I still get nervous when bills are past due and there is not enough income.  But on the bright side, I have been able to enjoy being at home (one place I don't ever really want to leave).  For the most part, I've kept it clean.  I've also gotten a chance to finish up some anime and Korean dramas...Soon, I'll be able to fill up my gas tank and fridge in confidence (I hope)!