08 August 2015

The Struggle is REAL But so is Perseverance

Times is crazy!  We've had rainfall every day for a month.  This week was so bad we had flooding in our parking lot on Monday.  The row of houses nearest to the lake actually got water inside their homes.  When I left home for work that morning, water was high enough to almost reach the bottom of our cars.  I was allowed to go home early to check the status of my home.  I figured if the rain would keep up as it was for a couple of hours, I would have flooding inside.  Several roads on the way home were closed and could not be safely driven.

I intended to stop at a Dollar Tree to pick up some cheap supplies, but that parking lot was flooded.  Stopped in a Dollar General instead.  A couple jugs of water, some canned foods, and a cute lantern later I was heading home.  By God's grace the water didn't get inside the house, but the electric company called to inform us that they would be shutting off our power.  Boo!

Many neighbors decided to take shelter at a local church.  I didn't want to go.  I wanted to be home, with power.  I was able to take a hot shower (apparently our hot water heaters can keep the water hot for up to three days). And using the lantern I had light.  I used the laptops to keep my phone charged.  Lu was out that night working.  He was pretty busy, as you can imagine.  No rest for the weary. I got up to go to work Tuesday and Lu got home sometime after.  He got a hotel room and slept there during the day.  We stayed the night and our power was turned back on around 9:30 pm.

Lu needs another job.  He's been working such long hours with this tow company, so he doesn't get much rest.  Wednesday, he could not go back to work due to dizziness.  Obviously, you can't drive if you're dizzy, so towing cars is out of the question.  We went to the hospital Wednesday afternoon only to have him stay and get admitted for having a stroke. He's still there now, was told that he could be discharged yesterday, but because of some kind of complications with the insurance, he can't go.  The kiddos and I will go visit him again today.

Lu and I have been in Florida together now for over a month.  Job situation is still the same, but there is some hope on my part.  I am working regularly at a shipping warehouse through Labor Ready and will get to remain there until I'm ready to start school bus training.  In the meantime, I need to study to pass the CDL tests to get my permit so I can attend the class.  Unfortunately, Lu's job doesn't seem to be sympathetic or understanding of his situation.  We have so many things to work out.  Jobs. Insurance.  Paying our bills.  The list goes on.  We have been seriously feeling like returning to Maryland, where we have support and would be able to return to the jobs we had before and actually survive.  The reason we are in Florida are to be with the children.  Perhaps because of this reason, we will be facing an uphill battle.  We definitely know that this is not as good as it gets.